Speed Up the 'Cancer Moonshot,' Doctors Urge

From Drugs.com - October 31, 2017

Speed Up the 'Cancer Moonshot,' Doctors Urge

TUESDAY, Oct. 31, 2017 -- The Cancer Moonshot Initiative now has a detailed road map designed to cram a decade's worth of medical advancement into half that time.

A new report, authored by more than 50 leading U.S. cancer doctors, highlights 13 priority areas for improving the medical response to cancer, along with measurable goals and a specific timeline for meeting each of those objectives.

The plan is intended to help "accelerate existing progress so that we deliver in five years what would have historically taken 10," said Dr. Cliff Hudis, chief executive officer of the American Society of Clinical Oncology and co-author of the report. It was created by The Lancet Oncology Commission on Future Research Priorities in the USA.

In late 2016, Congress appropriated $1.8 billion for cancer research funding over the next seven years for the so-called Cancer Moonshot, said commission co-chair Dr. Elizabeth Jaffee, president-elect of the American Association for Cancer Research and deputy director of the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins.

The new report converts an earlier set of more general recommendations issued in 2016 by a Cancer Moonshot Blue Ribbon Panel into "clear milestones, metrics and measures that could be assessed so that we and the general public could take the measure of our progress over the next five years," Hudis said.

Jaffee, Hudis and others presented the report at a media briefing Oct. 31.

The research priorities it highlights include "a focus on prevention, a new model for drug discovery and development, a vast expansion of patient access to clinical trials, and an emphasis on targeted interventions to improve cancer care for underserved groups, specifically children, cancer survivors and minority groups," Jaffee said.

Priority areas set out by the commission include:

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