Major Networking Career Opportunity for Young Women in the South West of England

From Drug Discovery Today - November 2, 2017

The organisers, Women in STEM Plymouth (WISP), regularly hold meetings for women working in STEM at the prestigious Plymouth Science Park (PSP).

They are keen to promote the crucially important role women play in the industry - especially when so many female scientists and mathematicians have made significant, historical breakthroughs.

Marie Curie's discovery of radium at the end of the nineteenth century kick started research into radioactivity. Rosalind Franklin's usage of crystallography was key in unveiling the secrets of DNA in 1953.

The work of key NASA mathematicians Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson was immortalised in the 2016 movie, Hidden Figures. The roles played by these three women was crucial in helping John Glenn complete his historic space flight in 1962.

PSP recognises the important contributions made by women in science and technology. As such, it provides free conference rooms and food for the monthly meetings of WISP. Its next Lunch and Learn' event is being held on 14 November from 12:30.

Nearly 30 companies from across Plymouth will be taking part in the Young Women in STEM Careers Fair being held at Dartmoor Zoo, Sparkwell, on 15 November (1800 - 2000). The FREE event will include careers' advice and a Question and Answer session with a panel consisting of local women who already work in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

"The Young Women in STEM Careers' Fair, which is sponsored by Babcock International Group, offers a fantastic opportunity for young women, and their families, to engage with STEM organisations from Plymouth and the local area," says Andy Robinson, WISP committee member.

"The South West has a vast range of STEM related organisations with career opportunities that young people may have never considered before. From the digital industries and healthcare, to elements of the creative arts and environment, STEM covers a huge number of potential routes."

"Whilst all of these offer brilliant opportunities, they can also create confusion over which direction to choose. The fair offers the chance for young people to explore these options and clarify the direction that they may wish to head in."

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